Extending the Bloom

I look back on my decade long career as an event designer and sometimes cringe. I flew in flowers from exotic places, ordered props and furniture from across the country, and had invitations in custom boxes hand delivered. The events were lovely, but now when considering the impact on the environment, they fade a bit. It was, however, a different time, and being eco-friendly was not something considered when designing milestone events for clients. Today, I would have a very different company and insist all my vendors share a similar commitment.

When interviewing vendors ask them about their policies when it comes to recycling, composting, and sourcing goods. In what ways can they assure you that your impact on the environment can be minimized.

Just some things to keep in mind when planning a large scale celebration:

  • Flowers can be delivered to hospitals or retirement homes extending their bloom and impact.
  • Food can be locally sourced and plant based for extra bonus points.
  • Invitations can be electronic or made from recycled paper.
  • Clothing for women can be sourced from a rental company, like Rent the Runway. The guys seemed to have figured this out a long time ago.
  • And, ditch the straws at the bar!

Enjoy the celebration!