April 1, 2020

Baby Steps for Earth was launched in January of 2020, to inspire the global community to individually embrace small changes that collectively would protect and heal our precious planet. It seemed the entire world was united in hope for a new decade, that the focus was shifting, that the future was bright. 

My family and I had no lesser expectations. We had just endured an incredibly challenging 18 months but had emerged stronger, refreshed and ready for a new chapter. Little did we know our entire world would be turned upside down, that tragedy was just ahead for us and for the entire world.

My extraordinary husband, Don, died unexpectedly on January 28, 2020. We were devastated, but the children and I were embraced so fully by our community that our loss was bearable. Just a few short weeks later, however, we would experience the initial impact of the Covid-19 virus attack on our planet, and the entire world was unified in grief.

This pandemic is forcing us to consider only our most basic needs for water, food, and shelter for ourselves + our families. Our survival depends on us focusing on today, on supporting our medical professionals + those risking their lives to save others, on cooperating with our leaders by sheltering in place, on remaining calm, brave and helping our children navigate this time of great loss.

We find ourselves now united in hope. We are witnessing the incredible bravery of those on the front lines, we are caring for our neighbors + communities more, we are welcoming the world into our homes via technology, we are learning to embrace change + making incredible sacrifices –  and through it all our planet is slowly healing.

Baby Steps for Earth is not solely about protecting the earth, but rather the people who live here with us. It is about living in a way that meets your basic needs without hurting the environment or eradicating our essential resources. It is about unity and pride in our planet, hope for the future and better living. It is about living in the moment, but acting like you’ll be here awhile. This is a time of great transformation and how we emerge it is up to us.

Thank you for being joining me on this adventure,

Sarah Lucas + Mackey