• Life hacks

    Postcards from the Inside – Reset

    Yesterday, I had a complete meltdown. One thing after another just kept going wrong, or disappointing me, or causing me to break down in tears or snap at my family - it was a train wreck. This derailment was rare for me + it completely overwhelmed me. I tried to power through - to keep starting fresh - growing more anxious my the minute and feeling utterly defeated. Finally my son, Jack, said, “Just go lay down for twenty minutes + reset yourself.”

  • Life hacks

    Postcards from the Inside – Work

    Whether you find yourself running your business from home, are part of a team that is now interacting virtually or in charge of daily school for your children, you are most likely faced with new challenges + may be struggling to find your groove. The key to success will be understanding expectations, setting yourself up for success + finding balance.

  • Life hacks

    Single-Use Plastics Suck

    None of the statistics around plastics are good. I could throw out any number of alarming facts - like, we are producing over 300 million tons of plastic each year, 50% of which is for single-use purposes - or we could all just agree that our “disposable” lifestyle has to go.

  • Entertaining

    Extending the Bloom

    I look back on my decade long career as an event designer and sometimes cringe. I flew in flowers from exotic places, ordered props and furniture from across the country, and had invitations in custom boxes hand delivered. The events were lovely, but now when considering the impact on the environment, they fade a bit. It was, however, a different time, and being eco-friendly was not something considered when designing milestone events for clients. Today, I would have a very different company and insist all my vendors share a similar commitment.

  • Let's Go!

    Take Baby Steps

    A new decade seems like a good opportunity to make some big life changes, but I propose small ones, baby steps in fact, that collectively will begin to restore our home. If we can combine mindful living that we have been so focused on for ourselves and apply that thinking to the world, we can truly make a difference.